At Ecosia, I was in charge of working on all pages aimed at engaging the user. During my time in this role, I created and improved a number of landing pages. The privacy and mobile pages featured in this case study were built from scratch with a team consisting of a Product Manager, developer, and UI designer. 

Role: UX, UI, Copy

Privacy landing page

When privacy became a key issue for the company we aimed to create a user friendly privacy page unlike the dry and long text ones of our competitors. In order to weight different options, I produced a number of wireframes which we tested internally. With UX patterns in mind, we decided to produce a version with short friendly copy, augmented with illustrations in order to make Ecosia's privacy scannable and easy to understand. 


User survey

To assist with the framing of our privacy cliams, I ran a user survey to learn how Ecosians perceive privacy when searching the web. 


First iteration

After solidifying the claims, the other designer and I came up with a concept for the supporting icons, and released a first iteration of the page. We then remotely user tested it with users from Germany, France and the United States.


Second iteration / Live version

After observing how users navigated our privacy page, we release a second version to improve on our claims by better explaining them. We also had to comply with a number of legal requirements, which we included in the version. 

privacy final

Mobile landing page

mobile wireframes

Preference A/B testing

The Ecosia mobile page had a simple requirement - to let users know that they can use Ecosia on their mobile devices, and have an easy way to get the app delivered to them. To get the page just right, we preference tested a number of images and copy in order to release an optimized version.

Live version

The released version was based on learnings from user preference testing and on Ecosia's KPIs. We used a third party service to send a download link directly to the user, thus creating a bridge between the web and mobile experiences, appeasing the most imminent user need. The image featured an Android phone, as our aim at the time was to grow the Android user base. As a result, this solution satisfied both the user need, the business requirement, and marketing goal.


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