When new users organically find Ecosia, they land on the homepage. The original page was static, and had almost no information about what Ecosia does, and thus had a low conversion rate. The my team and I aimed to solve was to improve conversion by creating a below-the-fold experience aimed at answering new users’ top questions in order to convert them. I worked with another designer, two developers, and marketing stakeholders throughout the project.

Role: Lead UX, UI and IxD

Defining the problem

To define the problem I looked at quantitative and qualitative data to find improvement opportunities. Through tracking data I discovered that most users who convert from the homepage did so without ever testing the search engine, which would later lead to uninstalls. From user testing, I also learned that users expected more information on the homepage, so they would not have to search through the hamburger menu for additional information.

metric 3

Proposing a solution

As the current page only displayed a search bar and a Learn More button, we knew that we weren’t doing enough to convince users at this pivotal conversion point. Qualitative and quantitive data analysis indicated that to solve the problem we needed to create a below-the-fold experience, consistent with our brand, answering the top questions users have when discovering Ecosia.


We focused the solution on our 'New User' persona. I created her through the experiences of our current users, and potential users landing on Ecosia for the first time. To collect this data, I conducted interviews with newly converted users, and did a few user tests with people who did not know Ecosia, but fit our target audience.



Design inspiration

My goal was to design a fluid experience aimed at answering the top questions of new users:

  • What is Ecosia?
  • How does Ecosia work?
  • Where are the trees?
  • Is Ecosia real?

v1 Index_casestudy_7.2.18.008

User testing

Our solution went through a couple of rounds of user testing and an MVP release. After that, I ran a series of usability tests, taking users through the Ecosia user journey to see how well they understood our value proposition and how deeply they explored the home page to achieve the assigned tasks. It was clear that the information and imagery was not enough, so we iterated and did another round of testing before the official launch. 

index iterations

Design and handover

The final specs were delivered via Zeplin. Interactions were animated in Principle and worked out in detail during development. 

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