For a long time Carjump's website was a single landing page aimed at capturing the few organic users who'd search for the app by name. It was time to create an experience tailored to users discovering Carjump through the web through marketing campaigns, and allowing them to learn about the app in order to convert. I worked on this project with a Junior UX/UI designer, a web developer, and a PM, with the key stakeholder being the CEO.

Role: Lead UX

Expert interviews

To understand the business value and expectations from leadership, I conducted interviews to define their needs. We narrowed down the purpose of the website to the following: create additional channels for conversion; allow for cheaper acquisition; explain the product; and B2C purposes.


To get valuable input from the team and to kick off, we started with a user journey mapping exercise to really get into the shoes of our users, followed by a series of design studio workshops with all key stakeholders.


After the initial kick off we narrowed down our site's design goals—clear copy, an easy to understand explanation of offers and benefits, use of relevant images, dedicated pages for all big features, and plenty of white space. To get an idea of the pages and navigation I created a sitemap.

sitemap 3.0

Registration flow

Another main function of the website was to simplify the carsharing registration process, in order to sign users up for their first carsharing accounts and turn them into Carjump users.

Task analysis

To dig in to user needs and understand what each page needed, the team collaborated in putting together a task analysis for each page. The deeper understanding gained jumpstarted the first wireframes and subsequent interaction design.

Web – Carjump account and registration

User testing

We tested a high-fidelity wireframe with 50 potential users who had not heard of Carjump before to understand whether they understood Carjump's value proposition. The results indicated that: 

  • About 50% understood what Carjump does
  • Over 60% were confused about what mode of carsharing Carjump supports
  • Less than half understood that the CTA takes you to an actual registration process

We took these learning and incorporated them into the next iteration.



In the meantime, we were also working on the carsharing registration process. We created an intuitive set of forms, which mimicked the selection fields in the app and allowed users to securely enter data on their computer, and finish up on their phone.


To dig in to the user needs and understand what each page needed to include, we reflected on the user journey and our personas to create a task analysis for each user need. 


Since the site was built from scratch, we provided a styleguide to help the developers, as well as for additional content planned for later iterations. 


Spec sheet

Complicated interactions were described via an annotated spec sheets which was linked to relevant JIRA tickets. 


Web 3.0 Spec Sheet


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